How to Start a Chapter

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Are you interested in starting a campus chapter?  You can start your own campus chapter in nine easy steps!

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  1. Fill out the Chapter Registration Form. 
    Once you have filled out the form, email Sarah at to get your Start-up Binder, which includes a Chapter Handbook, tool kits, fact sheets, and more.
  1. Brainstorm.
    What do you want to learn this year that is lacking in your school’s curricula? What community or advocacy activities would you like to participate in?  Remember that comprehensive reproductive health includes many areas.
  1. Think about your name.
    Nationally, we are Nursing Students for Sexual and Reproductive Health, but that may not be the best name for your own campus club. We support campus chapters choosing a name other than Nursing Students for Sexual and Reproductive Health, as long as our mission of supporting comprehensive reproductive and sexuality education for nursing students is being carried out. We also advise students to support the reproductive justice framework but to please not choose reproductive justice as part of your campus name. NSSRH is currently an ally and in full support of the reproductive justice framework but we are not a reproductive justice organization. If you would like to learn more about reproductive justice or have questions about this, please email us.
  1. Identify your campus chapter leaders.
    Becoming a campus chapter leader can benefit you in many ways. We know nursing school is busy but becoming a strong advocate and leader in reproductive healthcare could be part of that education. Not to mention the possibility of resume building!
  1. Find allies in faculty.
    Not only can faculty members support you, but they write curriculum and share important information with students. If you feel like there are no faculty to approach, feel free to let us know and we can try to help you through our national connections. Once you establish your faculty advisor(s), share all campus chapter information with them.
  1. Establish yourself on your campus accordingly.
    Take some time to find out what is required on your campus. Your student organizations office on campus will likely be a useful resource.  Make sure you have taken the proper steps in order to ensure a successful NSSRH chapter.
  1. Find other campus groups with similar goals and interests.
    Try to seek out Medical Students for Choice, If/When/How, or Social Workers for Reproductive Justice. Many times other active campus groups are happy to join, mentor, or invite you and your nursing student members to their events.
  1. Think about fundraising.
    It is a lot easier to host events or attend conferences if you have a budget for food and/or supplies. Some ideas for fundraising include bake sales, movie nights, local grants, talking to local restaurants about sponsoring pro-choice benefit nights, button sales, and talking to your student council.
  1. Keep NSSRH informed!
    Check in with our Alumni Coordinator and tell us where you are going! Perhaps we can help find you a mentor,  job opening, or group of people who will support you in your profession. Please pass your established campus chapter on to a new, enthusiastic student leader; you wouldn’t want your hard work to go to waste!