Mission and Vision


NSSRH is a national grassroots organization dedicated to providing nursing students with the education, tools, and resources necessary to become social change agents within the healthcare system as it relates to sexual and reproductive justice.


Nurses are frontline health care practitioners and educators, and access to reproductive and sexual health for patients is a primary nursing responsibility. To prepare nurses for this critical role, NSSRH:

  • ADVOCATES for comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education--including abortion training--for all nursing students;
  • CREATES and SUSTAINS an effective, nationwide network of nursing student activists, alumni, allies, and mentors as champions of reproductive and social justice; committed to the elimination of racial, social, and economic inequities;
  • SUPPORTS nursing students as leaders, experts, and advocates within social justice movements and reproductive healthcare;
  • EMBRACES reproductive and social justice so that the nursing profession represents the diverse populations we serve, and to affirm the nursing profession as one that supports and nurtures patients and nurses from all races, ethnicities, abilities, religions, genders, gender expressions, ages, and sexual orientations;
  • PROVIDES a courageous environment that encourages open and honest dialogue on topics of diversity and social justice as a way to challenge students to examine their own social and cultural identities and their responses to systems of oppression, power, and privilege.

  View our Position Statement and Core Messaging here.

“NSSRH has solidified my decision to go to NP school to become
an abortion provider.”

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